Ready for our next grand mission?

After having very successfully completed our first Datanauts project last year it is time to start a new one. Having talked a bunch of interested companies and organizations our new subject is finally set: Innovative Ideas based on Open Data from Earth Observation, leveraged for the greater good and/or unseen and promising commercial usage.

We are proud to announce partnership with the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites EUMETSAT. They will provide access to a wide range of open data gathered as a result of their COPERNICUS program.

The richness and depth from Copernicus data will be the start for something big, something that can make a change. A wonderful challenge für data scientists. A treasure for ambitious hackers. An inspiration for entrepreneurs. A compelling story for the rest of us.

We will offer various ways and touch-points like Blog, Meetups, Hackathons and a TEDxSalon to dive into our new project. The first one to begin with will be our brand new Data Viz Rhein Main Meetup. It is a monthly event for newbies and experts as well to gain latest knowledge presented by carefully picked speakers talking about tools, trends and best cases in that field.

Please feel heartily invited to join and enjoy yourself on a fascinating journey that will be as great and impressive as our earth! To know the when and where about as early as possible and continuously receive latest news feel free to register for our TEDxRheinMain newsletter.



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